Phew, we avoided the SVB disaster — Product Sense #1

Analytics and growth tips from Duolingo, Product Specs template and more

Phew, we avoided the SVB disaster — Product Sense #1

Hey there! This is Kavir. I'm a Senior Product Manager at Hashnode and have started this weekly newsletter called Product Sense. I'll be sharing the top news, articles, and happening in the world of product management. So subscribe if you haven't yet!

That was some weekend huh with the bank run on SVB. We all breathed a sigh of relief together when the Feds swooped in and saved the day on Sunday night/Monday morning. The second and third-order effects from the collapse of SVB would've greatly damaged the startup ecosystem across the world. This weekend was full of panic and quiet worry. So we're all glad that got resolved over the weekend. And that we're back to building.

In other news, I attended Shreyas' Time Management course last weekend. And it was totally worth the 1 hour time investment. He expanded on his Twitter thread with more examples and live Q&A. Recommend attending the next workshop he holds.

And AI has gone crazy this week with GPT-4, Microsoft added AI to all its productivity tools, and Midjourney v5.

With that, let's get into the weekly roundup!

📚 What you should read

In this section, I'll share any books, articles, or blog posts that I've come across recently and that I think you would find interesting or helpful.

  • How Duolingo reignited user growth - Jorge Mazal
    Fascinating read on how Duolingo figured out their key retention metrics (CURR) and used that to run growth and retention experiments.

🎧 What you should listen to

Here, I'll share any podcasts, music, or audiobooks that I've been enjoying lately, and that I think you might like too.

  • State of the Apps 2023 - Cortex
    Cortex is my favorite productivity podcast that I have been following since the last few years. Love the yearly roundup of the apps that the two podcast hosts use.

🎓 What you should learn

Here, I'll offer my insights into any new skills or knowledge that I think are worth pursuing, either related to work or personal growth.

  • How to write good product specs and the benefits of having a template.

    Since I have kept a template, it's helped me become a better product person because I don’t miss out on information because I am always prompted by the template.

📱 What apps you should use

In this section, I'll highlight apps that you should use to make your product work easier

  • Arc Browser by Browser Company (Mac only and invite required)

    I am really loving the browser experience. I really appreciate the way the browser has been rethought very well from a user experience perspective. It's a good example of how you can take something that exists and make it better through attention to detail and good product sense.

🚀 What I've shipped

In this section, I'll give you updates on any recent projects or achievements, and let you know what's coming up next.

  • I've just joined Hashnode and am raring to go to ship features. My first mandate will be improving aspects of the reader experience. So if you have any suggestions, drop them in the comments or DM me on Twitter @kavirkaycee

That's it for today, thanks for reading!

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